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Brainerd Minnesota is a city located at the geographical center of the state of Minnesota. In 1870, Brainerd began its life as a small railroad town. Brainerd was first called, “The Crossing.” Then the owner of the railroad named it after his wife, Anne Eliza Brainerd Smith.

In 1872, Brainerd, Minnesota was a wild and wooly town by all accounts. Gunfights, hangings, and gambling were the standard for the day. The largest percentage of new residents were unmarried men who made their homes at the local boarding houses and frequented the saloons in the area. In those days, one could buy a 10-room house and lot complete with bathroom, cellars, furniture, stove, chickens, and pigs for around $700.

Brainerd, Minnesota was once a dense pine forest that served the Chippewa Indians as their hunting grounds and blueberry fields. White men first saw the spot on Christmas Day in 1805, when Lt. Zebulon Pike camped here on his trip up the Mississippi River to find its source. There was one incident in July 1872 that demonstrated unrest between Native Americans and this wild bunch. Troops were called to Brainerd, Minnesota as Indians approached the town, however, they were only coming to sell blueberries and the incident has gone down in Brainerd history as the “Blueberry War.”

1881 was the biggest boom Brainerd, Minnesota has known. The railroad went under new management and organization. The railroad shops were enlarged and thousands of newcomers crowded the streets and walks. The great lumber industry came in the 1880’s, but was gone by 1905. The stands of Norway and white pine that had seemed inexhaustible had all been cut away and the lumberjacks moved on to other forests.

Interest in ore deposits began in 1903, however locals were skeptical about the ore industry and few invested. The miners were a new breed of animal to Brainerd and the residents looked upon them with suspicion. But the coming of the mining industry was one of the biggest things that ever happened to Brainerd and Crow Wing County. New towns and cities sprang up all over the area including Crosby and Ironton.

A concrete storage tank that stands in the center of the Brainerd was the first of its kind built in the United States. This tank, known as the Brainerd Water Tower, is no longer in use but has long been considered a Brainerd landmark.

Brainerd, Minnesota stands at the gateway to the state’s summer playground and the resort industry began to grow after World War I. People began flocking to the Brainerd Lakes Area with the arrival of better transportation, better roads, more money and time to spend in leisure-time activities.

Brainerd’s future, like its past, is intertwined with its natural resources.

Within a 25-mile radius of Brainerd there are 464 sandy-shored lakes on which are located several hundred resorts, plus many miles of navigable scenic Mississippi River headwaters. Game fish of many species abound and there is a fine population of wild game. There are numerous golf courses, state parks, Brainerd International Raceway, and many area attractions. Summer vacationing, recreation, and touring constitute the largest growing industry in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

While your enjoying a Kavanaugh's resort vacation make sure to visit Brainerd and it's many attractions.

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Kavanaugh's Resort & Restaurant - Brainerd, Minnesota
Kavanaugh's Resort & Restaurant - Brainerd, Minnesota
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Kavanaugh's Resort & Restaurant - Brainerd, Minnesota
Kavanaugh's Resort & Restaurant - Brainerd, Minnesota